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App Icon Generator

UI designers are well aware about the difficulties in designing Mobile App user interface. Since there are many devices with different dimensions and resolutions, it is really difficult to go with a single design. Here comes the relevance of tools such as App Icon Generator, Nine-Patch Generator (described in a previous blog) etc.

App Icon Generator - An Amazing Tool for Designers

App Icon Generator is used to create multiple app icons for different devices from a single image file. During the UI designing process, our designers found an amazing tool 'Make App Icon'  for generating app icons of android and ios applications. It is a super cool online app icon generator developer by Oursky.

Here the designer need to create a single design for the app icon. There is no need to resize the icons manually for different uses. App icon generator will do the job. There are a lot of such online designer tools for different requirements. Make App Icon is best in the business for generating app icons.

Make App Icon

Make app icon supports the files in the following format, PSD, PNG and JPEG. Also they guarantee best results with the images at 1024 x 1024 pixels. Once we upload the file in the mentioned dimension. They will provide us a preview of app icons in different devices. By the time the icons will be ready for download. We can provide our mail id over there and download the icons as a zip file. The zip file includes the icons for Android Phones, tablets, iPhone, iPad and apple watch. There they have provided some mobile UI tips as well. Such as, how to use app icon generator for mobile web apps, guidelines for creating app icons for iOS 8. They also provides API service to generate app icons via API calls.

Make App Icon